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The Values of Art: A Journey of Growth and Gratitude by Aishwariya Jayakumar was published for the World Value Day Celebration 2023.

First of all, my deep gratitude to the World Value and members for their extraordinary contributions and commitment. I feel privileged and blessed to share my values through my learnings and experiences. 

Fortunately, I was amazed by the team's efforts to bond many across the world for inspiring meaning. After, my few interactions and meetings, I have realized the team works beyond our imagination with all its affiliation for the greater good in numerous ways. 

Especially the vision for the younger demographic to achieve valuable education and healthy living. Applaud, all the respected members and individuals who have taken a huge interest and efforts in contributing the World Value Day a magnificent event. 

Immensely happy and grateful to know all the inspiring souls involved in such a selfless and generous act. I am glad to share my thoughts with all of you as many have inspired and motivated me to be a better person in the community. Wishing the World Value Day Team the very best for their compassionate, generous, and humanitarian work....!!!!!


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