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Aishwariya Jayakumar

Founder of Creative Elegance

Freelance Writer and Editor/Published Author/Blogger/ Book designer/Passionate Pianist, and Singer/Trained in Indian Classical Dance/ Featured Contributor for BIZCATALYST 360° and 360° NATION/Contributor for Beauty & the Beast Publishing, Online Course instructor, LinkedIn Top Writing Voice and LinkedIn Top Communication Voice.

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Master of Business Administration - MBA

University of Madras

Business management (General)-Marketing/Marketing Management (Specialty)

Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA

University of Madras

Business Administration and Management 


ABRSM, London Board

Western Classical music- Western classical vocal studies covering Western music in piano (Advance level) and western vocal (intermediate level)

Indian Classical Vocal Training and Indian Dance Training

Indian Performing Arts Academy, India.

The program is designed to learn Indian Classical performing Arts Forms with authorized certification for students to present their level of proficiency in specific subjects practiced traditionally. Field of study-Indian Classical vocal music (Hindustani music) and Indian Classical dance (Bharatnatyam)

Certifications :

  • English Grammar and Style (Advanced), a course of study offered by The University of Queensland. 

  • Business Communication by Rochester Institute of Technology. 

  • Justice is a course of study offered by an online learning initiative at Harvard University. 

  • Marketing: Tools to Set Enterprises Apart, a course of study offered by an online learning initiative University of Edinburgh Business School.

  • Teacher-identified professional development Certification, Strike A Chord Teachers’ Conference, Australia


  • Ameliorating Indian Educational System reciting its existence in 2020

       International Conference on Indian Educational System 2020, Chennai, India

The education system with remodeling and incorporating some suggestive methods, high-quality achievement model implementation, and well-trained academicians can guide right from primary schooling to higher education cadres, and its purpose is to assist any education system with excellence and distinction for future generations. In the modern world, any education system aims for round-the-clock improvement clinging quality with monetary proportion is structuring educational institutions. Utilization of many learning principles and its main elements with digital classroom accompanying behavioral management are key for more critical review and examination to ameliorate and create demand for high-skill labor with high educational background and skills. Stressing on corporation between the policymakers, ministries, and educators practicing can reform the educational side to sound elevated statement for India among other countries. Excellence as a goal for India to reach without any differentiation as obtrusion to aspire and best to prosper towards our objectives. Bringing forward more analogical grooming and rational mind towards real-life exercise in younger minds is directed to tap own infinite capacities to ineluctably serve the developing country like India reciting its existence to inspire globally.

  • Emerging trends in business analytics redefining banking with customer relations

       International Conference on Emerging Trends in the Domain of Business Analytics: Chennai. India

Business analytics is emerging concept in years as redefining and captivating its assets with customer relations and setting a trend in banking sector is the central idea in narration. Abundant tools and multiple techniques to leverage on the power of data in the financial industry can result in analytical excellence. With various sectors in market like food industry, health industry, fashion industry, education sectors, etc. have used analytics for examining customer relations, predicting customer behavior and preference and risk assessments by many organizations. Outlining its potential contributions in banking sector is core purpose of study presented. Developing and adopting business analytics by financial institutions and many banks in National and International level, considering the needs of the customers with vivid market plans for different location across world connects to personalized services states its effectiveness. Discovering new knowledge about business analytics and marketing analytics to tailor the specific and complex needs of client’s increases efficiency for banks and solve all short-falls faced in banking sector. Highlighting the challenges and solution to key issues raised through liquidity risk among others by financial institutions has given me strong basis to present the subject analytics to differentiate and build the secure foundation for financial industry long-term stability.



Contributing to Writer's Block (First Edition) as co-author among other writers by Beauty and the Beast Publishing.


My dynamic writing experience began as a review writer for many different books and publications.  Review writing directed me to read different forms of writing. I have reviewed some books titled “Prostitute of State” by Kate Kinnear, “The Genesis One Code” by Daniel Friedmann, Roadmap to the ‘End of the Days” by Daniel Friedmann, “The Lyin Kings” by I.S.Petteice, “The Broken Gift” by Daniel Friedmann, “The Planck Factor” by Debbi Mack, “Skyscrapers” by Jill Wilson Brennan, etc. are some to mention. Apart from publications, I have contributed to many online platforms as a reviewer. My acquaintance with authors like I.S.Pettiece and Daniel Friedmann was quite a motivational, dynamic, and inspiring journey to expand my writing and editing knowledge. Besides, infusing regular nourishment of the mind through reading, it also brought a sensitive side to understand and analyze the different themes, genres, and narrations in writing. Moreover, it guided me to improve my writing skills and explore other territories in my writing career like editing, book designing including cover and interior designs, etc. The enriching experience in my writing career also exposed me to opportunities like webinar discussion sessions, writers’ forums, publications, article writing, content creation, and the blogging community. As a result, acquainted with many international writing forums as a  Featured Contributor at BIZCATALYST 360° and 360° NATION and Contributor at Beauty & the Beast Publishing.


                                                                                Coordinating experience

                                                                  Cultural Community of Arts and Culture

Coordinated and choreographed the musical and dance groups for community gatherings and many charity events. Experience in coordinating for all age groups from different cultural backgrounds educated me with a more significant dynamic potential of knowledge, principle, organizational, and communication skills. Certainly, my participation assisted me to enhance my capabilities and learning at national and international levels.

Presenting skills to Creative Elegance

The knowledge acquired by my qualifications in management and writing exposure has drawn my communication skills to a new light. Communication skills are significant in every aspect of a successful and competitive world to be goal-oriented and research-based in sharing information. Ameliorating communication skills in forms like business communication and creative writing gave productive and marked results in my endeavors. Further networking with authors and publishing houses from different countries allowed me to bring a balanced professional as well as independent approach to meet the needs of my work. Interpersonal skills improved to bring worthy collaborative ideas and teaching programs. Industry knowledge is a value-added feature to showcase my work to a worldwide audience.

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